Sauna at the Sudarushka Hotel

The Sudarushka Hotel offers the Finnish sauna to its guests for leisure, where one has a chance of having an unforgettable time, enjoying comfort and recharging for future activities.

At our guests’ disposal are the infrared cabin and the illuminated and heated vitality pool & spa making body massage and having beneficial effect on body parts of concern.

The pool bottom, walls and nosing are finished with the sea blue polyurethane foam. The spa exterior is made from Canadian cedar.

Billiard lovers will duly appreciate a Chevalier billiard table.

Finnish Sauna in Krasnodar

Sauna is featured by high temperature (up to 100-110°С) and relatively low humidity varying in the range of 5-20%.

The effect of traditional Finnish sauna is based on the change of dry heat and cold water exposures resulting in enhancement of the skin blood supply. The body excretes, the skin cleans.

A session of the Finnish sauna is a recipe for beauty, health and cheerful mind.

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Отличная гостиница! Интерьер, порядок, персонал - все понравилось! Огромное спасибо!

Овчаренко Алексей
(г. Сочи)

Благодарим персонал гостиницы за уют, дружелюбность и прекрасный сервис!!! Все очень понравилось!!! Обязательно еще не раз будем останавливаться у Вас!!!

Тарасов С.И.
(г. Саратов)

Хотим выразить огромную благодарность персоналу гостиницы за хорошее, вежливое обслуживание. Нам понравилось многое: интерьер, отсутствие неприятных запахов,...Read more »

Пупков Юрий Александрович

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